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Jason Callum – Elite Bodyguard Services

Jason Callum provides elite celebrity bodyguard services in the UK and internationally, providing the high level of convenience and reassurance absolutely vital for VIPs and public figures.

With clients including celebrities, sportspeople and corporate leaders, Jason is a qualified Close Protection Officer and former heavyweight boxer, trusted by his clients to provide a professional and discreet personal security service.

For high-profile individuals, one of the biggest concerns about travelling in the UK and abroad is the safety and security of loved ones, assets and property. No-one enjoys fussing around security concerns and inconveniences, our personal security services let you relax, and go through life without giving security a second thought.

We provide a comprehensive 24-hour protection service to ensure the safety of your home and family, giving you the freedom to work and travel without worrying about what's happening at home.

Our close protection services mean that no matter what’s going on in your life, you never have to worry about the family or property. When it comes to finding the perfect VIP bodyguard, we can meet your needs.

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VIP Security for Celebrity-based Hospitality & Events

It's well known that celebrity status can make attending even low-key events seem almost overwhelming. Hiring the right VIP and celebrity bodyguard services is an excellent solution that guarantees your safety and convenience.

Whilst some celebrities appreciate the presence of clearly-identified bodyguard security, others prefer to introduce Jason as a friend or acquaintance. Different clients demand different approaches, whether that’s a friendly, reassuring private bodyguard putting the family at ease, or an unnoticed, background VIP security. We use various strategies and approaches to keep you safe, comfortable and enjoying the event.

Whatever your needs and the various demands of the individual situation, our elite security services have got you covered. With plenty of experience, as well as formal training and qualification under his belt, Jason is capable of providing quality close protection you can absolutely rely on, no matter the atmosphere or situation.

While there are plenty of bodyguards for hire out there, few can measure up in terms of sheer competence, experience and training. In an industry with altogether too many overpromising and under-delivering services, Jason Callum provides a breath of fresh air with his proven, elite security services.

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