Jason Callum Security

Elite Close Security Protection

When it comes to close protection, one of the most important factors is simply feeling safe and secure. Knowing you’ve got a capable, skilled and experienced bodyguard watching your back at all times is going to prove invaluable simply when it comes to peace of mind.

Beyond peace of mind, you’ve got someone present who understands all the various security threats and intricacies of various situations and environments, who can pick up on subtle changes and atmospheres, and react accordingly. Being able to read spaces and environments is one of the most important skills to have when it comes to keeping someone safe.

Once you’re safe and secure, you’ve got to think about simply being comfortable and relaxed. If you’re constantly surrounded by hulking, unfriendly gentlemen, there’s no way to feel at ease. A big part of looking after and guarding someone is putting them at ease, especially if they’ve got kids around, or are vulnerable in some way.

Legitimacy is also very important. As well as being fully SIA qualified and certified, we’re also experienced when it comes to working with other security firms and the police.

Sharp-eyed, experienced and alert, while friendly and reassuring is a tall order for some security, but Jason has made it his forte. That combination will see you covering all your personal security and protection needs in one neat move, and you can rest assured knowing that they’re not only safe, but in professional and friendly hands.