VIP Bodyguard Security Services

For many celebrities and public figures, VIP security is an absolute must. There’s simply no getting around that for some individuals, having close elite security around is not just sensible, but necessary. From keeping VIPs safe in crowds and at events, to simply making sure they can shop safe and in peace, this is a varied and important role.

One of the key skills that takes years of training and experience to develop is simply learning to read and react accordingly to an environment. Being able to scan a crowd and pick up subtle changes in atmosphere is invaluable, and it’s what’s necessary when it comes to keeping a VIP completely safe in a potentially crowded and hectic environment.

Operating with complete legitimacy is also a must for any elite security service,as well as working seamlessly with other security firms and the police. Jason is completely SIA qualified and licensed, and with a lot of experience and training under his belt, can be relied upon to deal effectively and accordingly with whatever the situation might throw at him.

Having a skilled and experienced private bodyguard around, keeping an eye on the situation isn’t just about keeping the individual safe, but making sure they feel totally safe. A big part of that having the right manner, professional, but friendly and reassuring.

A huge part of the role can be keeping an eye on kids and family members too, so you can’t always just have hulking and imposing security guys around, you need someone that can both keep you safe, while putting you at ease, and Jason’s made that combination his absolute speciality.